Month: June 2020

Best Crossbow Scopes- All You Need to Know

Crossbow hunting could be a new yet unfamiliar words for many of you (no need to panic, there are many who are in same boat). Well, its not a rocket science. This Crossbow hunting is same as hunting a turkey.

But yeah, here there is a difference. To become a crossbow hunter, you need to be little pro. For this, you might require some kind of expert skills and as well as need to know all the dos and don’t s of it.

Anyways, let us come to the major point right now. For the crossbow hunting there are different types of scopes available. Yes, this is the real challenge. Selecting the best yet most suitable scope is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, let u help you to distinguish in between the scopes and to make a list of best ones for you. After all, with the right equipment and practiced skills can make your crossbow hunting process easy.

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NIKW9 16608 Pro-staff

The NIKW9 16608 is composed by one of the leading company Nikon and the best thing about this scope is that it makes the long-distance shooting easy. If you own this one then you can easily target your prey from the distance of 60 yards. And oh, not only this, it helps in getting an idea whether the target is going to be hit on point or where the holdover will go. Yes, this sound too exciting but don’t to be too prompt to get your hands on this one (until or unless you are a pro).

Hawke 12221 XB1

The Hawke 12221 XB1 is a scope with a huge range of 1.5-5X32. Its unique range help in depicting a clearer image and even works best If there is little darkness in the environment (bonus point). So, in case, if you don’t want to waste your time and can’t wait for the sun to shine brighter, feel free to carry this one reticle with you. It helps in capturing and identifying preys easily in the dark and also gives an accurate illumination.

Excalibur 1964 Null

Ok, here comes another best one. The Excalibur 1964 Null Tact-Zone is made with the range of around 2.5×32 which means its little in size and its light scope is easy to be mounted on the crossbow. This one with its fullest range of lenses help in spotting the objective. I know some of you might think that its lens size is bit small but don’t worry. Because, it works amazingly when it comes to catch the prey. It creates a clear reflection of a targeted object and you can easily hit on it even if its moving. Like what more you need. This is the best thing about this one.

We have done our job and now its your turn. Selecting a good and suitable scope is the most important thing. So, make sure you are not doing any mistake before heading for your hunting journey.