Month: July 2020

Best Gun Sprays for Cleaning

Introduction to gun sprays

Whenever someone asks me what my passion is, without hesitation I chant ‘guns’, since childhood I loved them, they fascinate me in many ways. Fortunately I was allowed by my parents to pursue a career in this field and there are so many new things I have learnt till now.  One of very first thing I was introduced to by my instructor was the use of gun cleaning spray. I had started to go to shooting ranges to practice and train, I knew how necessary it was to clean the gun and I would always lube my gun right before I went to shoot, one time my trainer saw me and recommended me a couple of gun sprays Remington Accessories 24027 and Hornady 99901 which significantly made things a lot easier for me. To give you a brief overview, gun sprays are a tool to clean your gun easily, quickly and effectively, it is very helpful as this is a quick cleaning process, whereas, lubricating your gun takes about 40-45 minutes while a gun spray takes 2 minutes max. Similarly in lubrication you need to make sure that the oil is spreading everywhere and it can get messy, however, a gun spray it can easily be applied as it is a gas and is overall easier to apply and process than lubrication. However, lubrication is a higher priority than gun spray as lubrication helps prevent rust, corrosion and wear and tear on a larger scale than gun spray. Gun sprays are widely used in this field and I am going to briefly discuss 2 of the most famous gun sprays as I have used them both.  Read the complete reviews of both products from the given link:

  • Remington Accessories 24027

As I mentioned earlier this was a recommendation by my great trainer who has been in this industry for almost 2 decades. This gun cleaning spray that I tried did a great job in cleaning the gun. Remington does an excellent job in the prevention of rust and corrosion as it displaces moisture which is a huge factor in rust and corrosion. Similar to Hornady, this is also highly flammable so don’t risk using it near fire. The spray has a lube which leaves a thin coat of layer that prevents rusting effectively and dissolves residues of carbon and evaporates them easily as well.

  • Hornady 99901

As aforementioned, this was also a recommendation to me by my trainer as he posses vast experience and knowledge in this field of arms and its allied equipment so I took his word and now I am glad I did.  This spray has a very unique formula mostly consisting of Hexane which is an agent that is great for de-greasing and used in other industries like steel, textile and manufacturing, hence this spray does a fine job in preventing malfunctions which can be caused due to dirt and containment.  However, gloves and a mask is necessary while you use it as it can cause irritation to your skin and nose by its texture and its smell, also make sure you don’t use it near fire as it is highly flammable.