Snoring is the noise of the airway which is partially blocked during your sleep. Snoring is a sign of serious sleeping issues. Snoring causes several adverse situations like frustration, daytime sleepiness, and learning difficulties in children. There are several snoring devices available in the market, however, positive airway pressure devices like AirSnore are best recommended to stop snoring.  The small increase in pressure through the Airsnore device prevents the soft tissues of the mouth and throat from obstructing airflow, helping to reduce snoring.


Snoring starts to happen during any of the four stages of healthy sleep. The first stage is the period when you are being awake to being asleep and takes you to the second stage of your sleep, which is light sleep when your muscles are relaxed. The third stage is deep sleep, which is a must for your brain and body rest.  Eye movement sleep is when you are dreaming and your body reaches the extra muscle relaxation point.

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The muscles of a sleeping person are more relaxed while you are awakening. This causes the soft tissues of the mouth and throat to droop into the airways. The incoming and outgoing air creates noise which is called snoring. There can be several causes for snoring, some of them can be addressed immediately while some of the symptoms require more comprehensive lifestyle changes. Changing the sleeping position you adopt while sleeping, either sleeping on your side or your back, can reduce snoring.  People with overweight have more tendency to snore.


Airsnore device works by placing the lower jaw forward to create more space for air movement in the back of the mouth. There would not be any soft tissues that will shake every time the air crushes through.

The position of the lower jaw and tongue can easily be customizable. You can set the lower tray of the Airsnore device slightly forward, depending on your need. The device also allows you to position your mouthpiece according to your snoring level.


Airsnore is a very easy-to-apply device. You can use your device with the help of the following process:

  1. Take some cold water and clean the device by soaking it with some toothpaste or denture cleansers for a few minutes. Brush the device lightly with a toothbrush for thorough cleaning.
  2. Boil a cup of water and dip the device in the water for 5 seconds. Leave the device for 10 seconds to cool down and place it inside your mouth. Find the right position for the device then bit it firmly. Hold the device down for a few seconds and release it out of your mouth. Dip it in cold water for a few seconds to set the impression.
  3. Adjust the adjustment of the lower tray. You can do this with the use of the attached hex tool. Increase the standardization in small increments and make sure to do it evenly on both sides of the device. You can readjust the lower tray setting forward as you get used to wearing the device while you are sleeping.