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It’s a tale of my best friend’s wedding which happened last year. Before, I start with anything, we have been together for more than 20 years. All these years, she has always been there for me in my good and bad times and therefore this time, it was my responsibility to be there for her in all her wedding preparations. Moreover, treat her in the best way, how she truly deserves. Therefore, I chose the best hair design and makeup in San Bernardino from captureyourbeauty.me.

Long Story Short with Hair and Makeup in San Bernardino…

Well, it was her wedding which was going to take place in about six months. We had extremely less time to do all the preparations. Since, she is the only sister of her five benevolent brothers. I was the only person who could actually help her in doing all the preparations.

From venue to all the clothing shopping and to the makeup artist for her big day. I had to do it all. And to be honest, I really wanted to choose everything that would match her standard and make her look the prettiest bride in the world.

Everything else was not that difficult. The real challenge came when we had to choose the makeup artist for her wedding day. Since, she is not such an easy go person when it comes to selecting the makeup artist for herself.

We decided to give her the most natural makeover in a very creative way. For this purpose, we searched and researched almost all the makeup artists in San Bernardino. A list of millions of makeup artists we met and undoubtedly all of them were pretty amazing. Yet, none of them were exclusive or creative enough that would win the heart of my best friend.

Only a month to go with the wedding and yet no makeup artist was finalized. We were going short on time which then started to stress me out. I promised my best friend that she would have the best and a makeup of “her choice”.

Fortunately, a website on internet crossed by that says hair and makeup in San Bernardino. At first, I actually thought it could not be anything which my best friend would prefer. Since, we had searched almost all the elite brands of hair stylists in San Bernardino. I had literally no hope left that I would find one so quickly and easily.

The website is named as captureyourbeauty.me with a team of such amazingly creative makeup artists and hair stylists.They focus on what a girl needs for her wedding. They are concerned about how you would want to look on your wedding and would do the makeup according.

We had our first meeting with her and trust me it was such a relief talking to her about she would help making weddings one of the best days of a girls’ life. Since, my best friend wanted the most natural look on her wedding day, she considered her choice.

We all were extremely nervous until the wedding day and until I saw her in the wedding gown, her hair tied up like a fairy and her face as sparkling as diamond. I could just see her for a glimpse and felt relief like never before. Captureyourbeauty.me is simple the best!

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